Why Pregnant Women Often Feel Brightness

As the fetus grows, the metabolism of a pregnant woman's body (pregnant women) will increase due to hormonal changes and blood volume that jumps to 40 percent to match the needs of your child. All of these natural reactions ultimately produce heat that makes pregnant women feel hot. The only way to remove excess heat from the body is through the cardiovascular system which is helped by an adequate supply of fluids. In addition, the heart of a pregnant woman is also slightly enlarged and moves to one side due to the enlarged uterus, so that your body must work harder in maintaining body temperature. Plus, an increase in body weight reaching 9-14 kilograms makes Mother as if carrying a furnace everywhere. Mother will sweat more and risk being dehydrated more easily. Thus, Mother is at risk of experiencing problems related to heat, such as weakness, dizziness, and even fainting. Especially when you are in the blazing sun, you are more likely to experience dehydration, which is marked by a dizzy view, fatigue, and urine that becomes small and tends to be dark in color. Don't underestimate this condition because dehydration that is not handled properly can cause premature labor. Don't worry, Mother can apply the steps to overcome the annoying sense of hotness like the following.
  • Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day or more during hot weather. Do not wait until the hot weather makes Mother thirsty and have to drink water. Always bring a bottle of cold water with you when traveling on a hot afternoon. The easiest way to find out the adequacy of body fluids is from the color of urine; bright and almost clear urine color means the body has enough fluids. Adequacy of fluids helps you feel cool and reduce swelling of the hands and ankles. The darker the color of urine, the more fluid your body can say.
  • Reduce your intake of caffeine, such as coffee and tea. The caffeine contained in it can increase blood pressure and body temperature, and make you urinate more often.
  • Let's swim! Light swimming exercises can be a fun and healthy activity for pregnant women. If swimming is not possible, Mother can soak in warm water with lukewarm temperatures.
  • Prioritizing wearing light-colored clothes, loose-sized, and made from cotton so that the body can more quickly adapt to changes in temperature in the place where the Mother is.
  • Consumption of foods that can cool the body. Water-rich fruits such as watermelons and melons, vegetables such as fresh cucumbers and peas, and cold yogurt are a friendly source of food for Mother.
  • Prepare a spray bottle filled with clean water, can also be cooled in the refrigerator first. Mother can also buy this kind of spray that contains a cooling agent at the pharmacy. Spray on the face to give a refreshing sensation.
  • Take a small fan wherever you go. Use when feeling hot.
  • Wash your wrists using tap water. You can also wipe your forehead and back of your neck with a wet cloth or towel to cool the body quickly.
  • Make sure the bedroom temperature feels cool. Try using a fan or an automatic air conditioner (AC).
As much as possible avoid direct exposure to direct sunlight for too long. If you feel the heat accompanied by dizziness or nausea that continues even after resting and consuming lots of fluids, or you begin to have other disturbing symptoms, such as vomiting or contractions, immediately consult a doctor or midwife.


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