What Can Happen to a Tongue-Tie Baby

Your newborn baby may still be difficult to suckle because the ability to suckle is not yet formed. The baby's skills in breastfeeding are only developing significantly after one to one and a half months of age. However, it's good Mother does not ignore the problem of breastfeeding in infants because he could have a short tongue strap or tongue-tie, also called ankyloglossia. This disorder that inhibits the ability to suckle. A tongue-tie condition can be seen when the baby has difficulty attaching breasts to the mouth or when the mouth is not fully attached to suckle. He also made a tasting sound, like "ckck" when he was suckling. Besides each suckling, she repeatedly ejects and inserts the Mother's nipples from her mouth so that the breastfeeding moment is long. As an additional step in anticipation, pay attention also though breastfeeding has been going on for a long time, but the baby still looks always hungry and fussy. The effect later, the baby's weight gain becomes slow and the supply of breast milk (ASI) is reduced. Mother's breasts can also experience pain and risk of inflammation in the breasts (mastitis).

What Does Tongue-Tie Baby Tongue Look Like?

Short tongue straps or ankyloglossia are congenital abnormalities that can reduce the flexibility of the tip of the tongue. This is usually due to the short and thick part of the lingual frenulum, the membrane or membrane that connects the lower layer of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Normally, this lingual frenulum has looseness that allows the tongue to move. The condition of ankyloglossia can be divided into the following classes:
  • Class 1: the length of the connecting membrane of the tongue and the floor of the mouth 12-16 mm.
  • Class 2: the length of the connecting membrane of the tongue and the floor of the mouth 8-11 mm.
  • Class 3: length of the connecting membrane of the tongue and floor of the mouth 3-7 mm.
  • Class 4: the length of the connecting membrane of the tongue and floor of the mouth is less than 3 mm.

Small Frenotomy Surgery for Handling Tongue-Tie

Tongue defects that are more common in boys can inhibit the process of breastfeeding effectively. As an initial solution, some babies with this condition can suckle from a bottle because the baby does not need as much effort as suckling directly from the breast. But in fact there are still babies who still have difficulty being able to suckle from a bottle. So that he can suckle better, one way that can be taken is to undergo a frenotomy procedure. This procedure is a simple operation that is considered safe, effective, not traumatic, and the procedure only takes less than a minute. Experts support the effort to separate the tongue strap because it is safe and proven to improve the breastfeeding process. When dissecting, the doctor will cut a little tongue strap with special scissors or laser. Surgery on infants who are several months old is usually done without anesthesia or general anesthesia, although sometimes local anesthesia is needed. Whereas in babies who are more mature and already have teeth, general anesthesia is usually needed. After the procedure is done, white spots resembling canker sores will form under the tongue. But take it easy Mother, because this condition will not interfere with the baby and can recover in 1-2 days. After the baby underwent a frenotomy, immediately breastfeed the baby with an intimate because breast milk is more important than painkillers. Although there are also some tongue-tie babies who don't seem to have breastfeeding problems, you are still advised to tell your doctor. The doctor can help decide whether the condition is serious and can have an impact on the development of the baby's teeth and mouth in the future. Know Mother, that if there is no treatment, tongue-tie can have an impact on oral hygiene, speaking ability, and the child's fluency in the future. This condition can also have mechanical effects, such as difficulty licking ice cream, kissing someone's lips, and doing tongue tricks. A tongue-tie condition can also have a social impact, for example causing embarrassment or ridicule.


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